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Viewpoint from Rev Helen Lynch 22/04/2022

HELEN LYNCHRev Helen Lynch
Assistant Curate, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry


Here we are, three weeks after April Fools day, but the world is so turned upside down at the moment that it might be hard to tell fact from fiction. There has been so much to take in over the last few weeks, and lots of the rhythms and landmarks of everyday life have fallen away. We are so much creatures of habit that this is bound to be unsettling. Add on top of that concerns about health, finance, and getting necessary supplies, and it's no wonder that many of us are feeling anxious 

dove leftHunkering down in our homes can be a help, but being isolated brings its own difficulties. We might feel a bit helpless and hopeless; we might feel frustrated, or even angry. I find comfort in times like this in hearing voices from down the ages wrestling with these same feelings. Especially in the Psalms, we hear people praising God, but also being quite angry with God. There are cries of “where are you?”, people pleading “why is this happening?”
It has been so heart-warming to see how people have rallied around one another, checking in on friends, neighbours and relatives, looking out for those who needed help. I like people. It has outweighed the difficulties, the panic buying that has happened. I think, and hope, that this comes from people being frightened rather than selfishness. When we see the good things that people do to overcome difficulties and to love each other, then we can overcome feelings of fear and isolation
Dove rightWhen we're feeling like God is far away, and feeling frightened, frustrated, or angry, it’s OK to give God a piece of our minds. God can take it. It's healthy to be in touch with how we're feeling about things, and to express those feelings - whether that's by talking to a friend, or talking to God in prayer. I think one of my most overused prayers is “Give me strength!”  Sometimes that sounds less holy than others!
So, as we keep calm and carry on through whatever the next few weeks and months hold, I'm going to keep trying to see where the good is happening, that's where I can see God at work. I'm going to keep checking in on those around me and those I love but can't see at the moment. I'm going to keep checking in with God, asking for strength, being thankful for the good things, and telling God my grumbles too


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