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Viewpoint from Mary Ives 29/04/2022


Licensed Lay Minister
St Mary Magdalene Church, Gorleston

Life can change in a blink of an eye. This phrase came sharply into focus for me on 24th May last year. Having come out of lockdown and put on a few pounds I decided to get into a good routine of diet and exercise. McMillan was running a sponsorship scheme- A Mile a day through May. What a great idea I thought – I can get out each morning and make sure I do the ‘extra mile’ before I do my normal day. All was going very well, so I started to challenge myself – maybe I can do 2 miles, maybe I can do them quicker. By 24th I was doing three miles in about 45 minutes and thought – today I will jog back to the car. It was whilst I was jogging past the bandstand that I managed to trip over and put my hands out to save myself. Unfortunately, my wrists didn’t stand up well to smashing onto concrete – and both fractured – the left one quite badly. So, from feeling good about myself to feeling far from good, I ended up in hospital awaiting operations on both wrists
dove leftThat completely changed the shape of my summer. I was so disappointed with myself that I couldn’t manage to finish the challenge, but amazed when one of my friends contacted me and said that some of my friends from church would complete the daily routine of sponsored walking for me. Each day someone did at least a mile, sending their results to me, as well as taking pictures
What an act of kindness that really was. It made me realise that they had done something so positive, so much more of value than cards and flowers (although I did appreciate them too). I also learnt how wonderful it was to spend time with people, as so many people came round to idle a bit of time away with me. That too was a wonderful lesson – how so often I am far to busy to find time to spend with people. At home I was very reliant on my husband who had to do so much for me – simple ordinary things I would normally not think twice about. I so learnt to count my blessings – a great, supportive family, practical friends and my need provided for me. Slowly, but surely, I progressed to the point of being able to do most things for myself
 As I reflected on this, I realised that this is a picture of the love of Jesus who is there for me – he offers comfort, peace and joy in the most difficult circumstances. He was the one who died in my place so I could have a loving relationship with God. He offers that unconditional love to any and all who come by faith to him – and gives us the power to live our lives well even in the most trying of circumstances

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