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Viewpoint from Keith Morris 04/02/2022

KeithMorrisJuly16Keith Morris

publisher of the Christian community website


It is a little custom of mine to write a light-hearted family newsletter at the end of every year to send out with Christmas cards – yes it does mention holidays and children’s achievements, but hopefully with a large dollop of self-deprecation
The last two years have been a bit short of inspiration with holidays and big days out very short in supply
dove leftInstead, this Christmas it was full of new lockdown skills learnt such as baking, hair-cutting, and so much DIY you would not believe
I have also learnt to appreciate more the simple things in life and found many wonderful places to walk within a stone’s throw of our village home for example
Too late for the newsletter, but the year ended on a sad note for us with the demise of our tiny 13-year-old much-loved black cat Dizzy. Dizzy had been in decline for several months but it was still a shock to go into her room early one morning just before the new year and see her obviously in a poor way, with very shallow breath
We rang the vet who said come straight in. We carefully wrapped her up in a blanket and basket for her final journey. It was clear there was only one thing to be done and as I stroked her head the vet gave Dizzy an injection into her tiny paw which quietly put an end to her distress.
Dove rightOf course I ended up crying into my mask, both at the vet’s and all the way home and could not get a single word out to my wife who was waiting in the car. She is used to such lack of self-control and as a doctor (and a woman) is made of much sterner stuff
They say having a pet as a child is very good in terms of life lessons – and I think it applies equally to very big children – certainly to this one
With the background of everything we have all gone through over the past two years, it makes you consider the fragility of life and making the most of every moment – especially when a big birthday is looming large
Hopefully we can all look forward to a much brighter 2022


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