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Viewpoint from Marion Ferrari  03/12/2021

Dove rightMarion Ferrari
Part of Kingsgate Community Church GY and the Firehouse GY


I’m an animal lover. I find God often uses my love of animals to speak to me. Since a child I have had a number of pets; hamsters, gerbils, budgies, cats, and now guinea pigs
I really love my pets; give them lots of time and attention, good food, clean water, playthings, etc. I try to ensure all their needs are met, right housing, a cosy bed, places to hide and explore, not too hot or cold. I monitor them to make sure they are happy and healthy, if I think there is something wrong, I will give extra care and remedies and if necessary take them to the vet. God speaks to me that if I do this for small furries, how much more is He carefully providing for our every need
dove leftHowever, despite all this care, it takes time to build that bond of trust. Even with the offer of hand fed treats etc some small furries are innately nervous, suspicious of this giant being who could easily crush them. Guinea pigs are naturally prey animals, so always wary, on the lookout for predators. I long to pick up and cuddle, but although they accept a tickle under the chin, they quickly run away if I try to pick them up. This reminds me that God yearns for that close relationship with me, and His intentions are only good, as mine are towards my pets, but like them, I let him so close and then run scared. I feel sad at the lack of closeness with my pets, and realise God also is saddened when I keep my distance. I know there is potential for more….perfect love casts out fear
When I have to catch a small one, to cut claws or administer spot-on, I know it is for their good, but they panic! The older guinea pigs are learning to submit grudgingly to the treatment, while the young ones scream and struggle to escape my grasp! This helps me understand some of the traumatic events in life, at the time I may only see impending doom, and it may send me into panic. If I could trust my loving heavenly Father, the Good Shepherd, that whatever He allows to come our way, He is still working for our ultimate good, then I could be calm in His hands                  



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