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We Can Do Our Part to Care for the Earth

26th September 2021

Pat Stringer, Licensed Lay Minister Great Yarmouth Parish, reminds us how we can do our part to avoid climate change

God has gifted to us in creation our wonderful earth to look after it and care for it; but now our earth cries out for what is happening through climate change, through our lack of care, greed, and power.  We may think there is nothing we can do, but God reminds us of the difference the tender touch of love can make.  We must care for this earth and try to live a more sustainable lifestyle
When we think there is nothing we can do, we can pray to God to remind us of the difference it would make if we all did one small thing each day; recycle papers or bottles, turn off light bulbs, turn down heat, buy local food, use public transport are just a few ways in which a difference can be made

Help us Lord,
To care enough to make a difference
So that we and generations after us
Can still see the goodness of this earth.
This sacred earth,
Beautiful gift, fragile, Sacred Earth,
Before time runs out
.    Amen


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Published 02/11/2018