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Viewpoint from Dr David Watson 03/09/2021

Retired GP
Authorised Worship Assistant, St Andrew’s Church


To do or not to do. That is the question. Or simply
advice guide

Would you like my advice? Possibly not but it is an open question. My advice to you is an imposition but “may I ask for your advice?” is a request and we may presume it is from a person needing guidance to a person equipped to give it
dove leftI am in the elderly group who are often reputed to be those who wish to impose advice because our experience tells us what is best. However, what could be deemed best for me may not be best for you, and this is where we recognise choice comes
The older generation tend to feel that their mind is as young as ever but their body is a handicap holding them back from doing what they would like to do. An extreme example would be Andy Muray who, though young, still has ambitions to play to the standard he has achieved as Olympic and Wimbledon champion
Physical advice is not too difficult – my wife advises that I should not climb Kilimanjaro. It would be a great achievement but would it be wise
Someone has been a real thorn in my flesh this last year and it would be great to thoroughly discredit them. Would the purpose be resentful retaliation?
Dove rightMany politicians gain a reputation for hypocrisy – advocating what we, the community, should do but not doing the same themselves
Do you know someone who you look up to and wish to emulate? As often as not they will be someone who you consider honourable? It is difficult to find fault with an honourable person – they put principles first!
So, my advice to you is when you feel you need guidance on an issue:-

Put principles first

Will your actions cause unnecessary harm to anyone else?
Is it within your competence? – physical or mental
Is it wise?
Will it be good to others as well as yourself?
Could your actions be appropriately criticised?

My best friend disagreed with a course of action I was undertaking as did others, but he declared that whatever I decided he would support me. That’s the kind of opinion you should seek and also consider the pointers above
Christians often pray for guidance, but the general rules are the same. Will you comply with obedience to God’s laws in your course of action – Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind and love your neighbour as yourself



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