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Viewpoint from Rev Mike Flynn 23/07/2021

Dove rightRev Mike Flynn
Minister, Gorleston Baptist Church


“Come and see” (John 1:35-50)

This was something of a refrain amongst the first disciples (followers/friends) of Jesus.  There was something infectious going on – in a good way!  In their enthusiasm, they wanted others to meet Jesus too.  In fact there seems to be a case of it working the other way round too: Jesus has already seem them!  And so we have this powerful mix of welcome and response
Church-going is down; but Jesus is for everyone

It is well known that church attendance in this country has been on the decline for some decades  (in fact the percentages are tiny).  There are many reasons for this, but people’s sense of need remains, and research shows that there is an ongoing ‘reaching out for God’ in a vast number of people, even if latent..  And, Jesus is just as relevant today as ever!
dove leftFor those of us who are Christians, I think there are two things we can do.  We can prayerfully listen out for interest from our friends and neighbours..  and we can invite people to church.  People won’t come unless invited, it’s just too daunting.  Many churches have small groups where it may be easier for folk to feel welcome and at ease.  The other thing, of course, is to make sure that we keep on loving!  And celebrate the love and kindness we see in others.  That way the relevance of God-in-action will be clear for all to see
And if you are not a Christian but are interested in exploring the Christian faith, please do find someone to talk with who can help you.. 
Thank God that He is at work in so many amazing ways today; and not far from each of us
“Come and see”!

also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

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