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Viewpoint from Rev Dorothy Marsh 11/06/2021 

DOROTHY MARSHRev Dorothy Marsh

Pastor and church planter in Spain, now living locally
Whether we are parents, grandparents, friends, or neighbours the birth of a child is a joy. It’s an awesome experience. I remember the birth of my first daughter many years ago (she’s 54 now!) as if it were yesterday. I was thrilled and so excited

But one experience of birth which stands out to me is when our second daughter took her first daughter home. After a few days she said to me “I can’t wait to hear her voice”. It was a strange thing to say as she had certainly heard her voice as she cried out very loudly when she was hungry or wanted a nappy change. But that was not what our daughter, Helen, meant. She wanted to have a conversation with Natasha. To chat with her. Conversation is a way in which we get to know another person and this is what Helen wanted- to get to know this little person who was in her arms
dove leftAs a Christian, this experience reminded me that Father God is waiting to hear our voices. This is what we call prayer and is available to us all. Prayer is a conversation with God. It’s a chat. It’s not got to be in clever eloquent language. We can speak to God like we do with family or friends in the same way in which Helen wanted to hear Natasha’s voice
 So what conversations do we have with each other? We talk about our concerns (losing a job, being unwell), our joys (a child getting married, a new birth) our fears (for a loved one who has mental illness, a parent with dementia), our thankfulness (a new home, good friends) and our regrets (things we might have done better or not at all). The list is endless. In prayer we can bring all these things to God in a conversation, a chat. Nothing is too big for Him and at the same time He is interested in even the most trivial things in our lives
I do believe that God is waiting to hear your voice today. He wants to be involved in your life and having a conversation, a prayer, is a start. Why not give it a try? You may be surprised at the peace it brings and even more surprised when you hear His answers. They may not be what you expect but why not try

also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury


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