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Viewpoint from Revd Dr Steven Sivyer 28/05/2021

STEVEN SIVYER 2019Revd Dr Steven Sivyer
Priest-in-Charge of Martham Parish Churches

Assistant Rural Dean


I have just had a clear-out of my old leads and plugs.  Actually, it wasn’t much of clear-out to be honest.  There are still leads which power electrical items that I don’t have because I feel that I might need them one day.  It is as if I have an emotional attachment to these plugs and leads

dove leftHowever, having the correct plugs and leads is really important.  I remember going to London for four nights a couple of years ago.  Although I thought I had packed all the correct leads and plugs, I had not packed the charger for my electric toothbrush and, you guessed it, my toothbrush ran out of charge on the first evening!  I spent hours the next day trying to buy an extra charger, but it seemed as if the only way to get one was to buy a whole new identical toothbrush.  In the end I gave up and used the toothbrush but without any power.  I still managed to brush my teeth with toothpaste, but it did not clean my teeth anywhere near as well as it does when it has power
We have so many things in our lives that are electrical, and they simply do not work fully without power
Dove rightChristians have just celebrated the feast of Pentecost, when we remember the event where God’s spirit, the Holy Spirit, first entered Jesus’ disciples, and was made widely-available to anyone who asked for it.  A human body with no spirit or breath in it is a dead body; a human body with breath but without the Holy Spirit has life, but is not reaching its full potential.  It is like the electric toothbrush without power – it still works but not as well as it could do.  A human body with breath and the Holy Spirit has what Jesus promised: life in its fullness
We were made to receive God’s spirit.  When we plan our day, we might think about what power our gadgets need and pack the right plugs and leads so that they can access electricity and fully fulfil their purpose.  Do we think about what we need though to be fully alive?  What metaphorical plugs and leads do we need to access the Holy Spirit today and for the rest of our lives? 




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