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Viewpoint from Rev Katy Dunn  20/11/2020

KATY DUNNRev Katy Dunn

Minister at Christchurch [Methodist / United Reformed Church], Great Yarmouth
Vice-Chair of Trustees, The Living Room, Great Yarmouth


Dear friends,
Well we are back in a national lockdown once again, but this time with an expected end date. Barbers and hairdressers were putting in 14-hour days before the lockdown started, and people hurried to do all the things they shortly wouldn’t be allowed to do
But many of us will be experiencing fresh disappointment, frustration or anxiety.  Maybe we are concerned for others’ welfare or can’t see our grandchildren or have lost our job
How can we best look after ourselves in these tough times?  Well, we can do our best to keep in touch with others.  This is a win-win, good for us and for them too.  We can keep a daily list of things to be grateful for.  We can remember not to be hard on ourselves if we’re having a bad day, whilst trying to focus on good things that happen.  If we use social media, that can heighten anxiety, so cutting down the time we spend on it or maybe having a break from it is wise.  We can avoid watching or reading too much coronavirus related news as well
dove leftWe may as well acknowledge that none of us can keep on going indefinitely like a supercharged Duracell bunny.  Everyone gets worn down sooner or later.  Resilience isn’t pressing on regardless, it’s more about reaching out to our friends when we’re sad, or lonely or fed up
There are groups and organisations that can help too.  The foodbanks in Yarmouth and Gorleston have done an amazing job this year.  If you are struggling with poor mental health, or caring for someone who is struggling with it, ring Great Yarmouth Mind (28-31 Deneside 0300 330 5488) or text Shout (85258) for 24/7 mental health support via text
Christians believe that we can be honest with God- he has broad shoulders.  We can tell him about our troubles, our grief, or anger or tears.  He experienced them too, on the cross, and he stands with us in our struggles
When we can’t see a way through, He can draw hope out of despair, and joy out of pain.  That’s his job!
Let’s all look after ourselves and each other until better times return

also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury


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