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Viewpoint from Wendy Bircham 18/09/2020

Lay Minister 

St Andrew’s Church Gorleston

I did it my way


Regrets I’ve had a few … No, not the lyrics to Frank Sinatra’s song “I did it my way…”   For Christians our testimonial song is not ‘we did it our way’; rather we did, or we try, to do it God’s way


But even in trying to live God’s way we can still have regrets. Now the danger can be if we allow regrets to turn themselves into sin and fester away inside our heart, spoiling our Christian lives from living each day in victory, joy, hope, and peace. So I write from my own personal experience to encourage those who have regrets or made mistakes in the past, that we shouldn’t beat ourselves black and blue with pain and remorse. For God's precious Son Jesus Christ’s death, resurrection and forgiveness have freed us from the debt of guilty regrets and remorse


dove leftTo be honest, I have had a fair share of regrets in my life. From regretting situations that I found myself in which gave me no choice other than to do the very thing I hadn’t wanted to do. Regrets that I lost touch with past friends. Regrets that I couldn’t be with loved ones when they needed me most. Regrets that I hadn’t said I love you to someone I should have. Regrets for missed opportunities to share the Gospel of salvation with someone


But more recently I have had to lift two regrets to God's mercy and grace. Firstly the timing of my second knee replacement came at the height of my dad’s (a Christian) poor health, and soon after being told he had just a few weeks left on earth with us. The lack of my mobility regrettably meant I couldn’t help my mum or be by my dad’s side as much as I would have wished. Regret two, is the misunderstanding and hurt of broken relationships with family members, especially with those who are not of faith


Dove rightJesus said. “No one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God” 


Okay, so it may be difficult to change events of the past. Sometimes it is impossible to seek the forgiveness from others or say were sorry, and for these we leave at the foot of the cross. However, we can make a difference to our future. For regrets can lead to a path of repentance and redemption as we seek to trust in God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. St Paul said “I forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what is ahead”


So if you have regrets I encourage you to embrace your yesterdays and look forward to your tomorrows   and to the great future God has in store for you. Regrets ok, yep I’ve had a few, but these too I’ve left at the foot of the cross

also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury


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