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Viewpoint from Dr David Watson 04/09/2020

Retired GP
Authorised Worship Assistant, St Andrew’s Church


This morning I heard John Lennon singing “Nothing’s going to change my world”

What a paradox! Here we are in a world turned upside down by a virus, a global pandemic which medical history predicted, and yet our jet setting, holidaying world of international travel and employment was not prepared
A virus is utterly selfish, living off its host and not caring what it does to whoever it affects and how subtle is this one, spreading its venom by asymptomatic masses and viciously killing or maiming others, so that the doctors refer to it as an evil disease. Imagine going to work to treat the patients whose illness could kill you or your family if you took it home. What dedication the medical world has shown!
dove leftIts attitude is so impersonal and yet the devastation caused is so personal
For some it is bereavement and for many of those there was the nightmare of weeks and even months, waiting for recovery which never came. For many it has meant true isolation often affecting those who are most lonely by virtue of age or incapacity. Then we have the normal NHS workload which has suffered and left patients with cancer, heart disease, and other urgent conditions pushed back in time with adverse outcomes and stress. Stress too for those wanting to be seen by a doctor and not having access and for others too frightened to go to see their doctors or hospital appointments for fear of catching the virus
So many have suffered financial ruin or major hardship.  Jobs lost, debts mounting, and relationships strained sometimes to breaking point
Dove rightLet us not forget the global title. Hand sanitation in the “third” world”? Social distancing when 10 or more people live in a mud hut and many of those separated by the least possible gap – people living together in their thousands, without proper sanitation or water supply. Refugees in camps and those in war torn countries
So where are you in all of this?
We lost a brother and I have become an executor for the first time, so that song, albeit lovely in its way, seems so far from the truth – Covid-19 has changed everybody’s world in one way or another

The will I am dealing with was not thought out well, and is causing a lot of heartache, and its message is that we should all get our house in order while we can. Appreciate our loved ones, care for the needy and above all prepare to meet God for we never know when our time will come


also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury



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