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Viewpoint from Rev Sue Upton  15/11/2019

SUE  UPTONRev Sue Upton
Assistant Minister St Nicholas Church, Bradwell


as published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury




At St Nicholas Bradwell we have been without a leader for over a year now and many people are now finding that somewhat frustrating.  But what can we do about it?  What do you do in any situation that is out of your control?  Well we are a church, we pray!

dove leftIt always amazes me just how many people take prayer seriously and wouldn’t dream of settling down to sleep without a word with Almighty God.  And that seems to be true even of those who would never think of attending a church.  But how does God answer our prayers?

What we are all hoping for at Bradwell is an answer in the form of a person just to respond to the nationally placed adverts – but they haven’t yet – there have been 3 adverts and not one applicant.  Maybe God is simply saying to us “‘be patient, the person you need isn’t ready yet – trust me and wait”

Or maybe God is saying to us as a church – “you aren’t ready yet”.  Do we need to examine ourselves a little more and make sure that we are all pulling together and have more forms of support in place for this new Rector when they eventually appear?  We think that we are ready; we certainly have been pulling together, but is there something more that we could do before our prayer is answered?

Dove rightHow does God answer your prayers?  Just at the moment is He saying “Wait! Be patient!”  Or is He saying that there is something that you can do to be ready for this answer of His, before He gives it?

Of course there is a 3rd option. God often says to us that we, ourselves are the answer. That isn’t true in our need for a Rector, well I hope that it isn’t, as it would take at least 6 years for someone to go through the selection process and be trained sufficiently to become our new leader. But how about in the situation that you are praying about?  Could you be the answer yourself?

Wait!  Get ready!  Be the answer yourself!  How is God answering your prayer today?  Whatever, don’t give up. Jesus says to us “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you”.  Keep on praying!



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