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Viewpoint from Richard Ferrari  01/11/2019

Dove rightRichard Ferrari
Great Yarmouth Healing Rooms
The Fire House Housechurch


as published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury


What is it about teams!

Many of us get our sense of wellbeing by being part of small groups and having a role in a team where we can contribute. You see teams everywhere
One amusing example was at the recent Conservative Party conference on TV I saw Boris Johnson gratefully accept a hot cup of coffee from someone who was concerned for his welfare. One of his aides then whisked it away from him because it was in a disposable cup, as it was not “correct” for him to drink from it as it wasn’t recyclable. Boris has a team of well-meaning minders around him to try and stop him saying or doing the wrong thing which he puts up with and seems to enjoy
BORIS JOHNSON 112019It is a funny example of how in a team people do have roles and responsibilities, they can be themselves and there is often a lot of humour

Jesus and the early Christians clearly believed in the strength of small teams, and Jesus gave an example of the types of close relationships that can develop. Jesus inspired intense love and loyalty from both the men and the women that were part of his travelling band
Dove rightAbout 2 years ago we started a new team- a Great Yarmouth Healing Rooms. This is what some of the people have said:

“Healing rooms is a wonderful place to come if you are lonely and needing support”


“It has given me a lot of peace and warmth and love for everyone”
“It has helped me a little bit and it has got me out of the flat”
“Things that I had forgotten and were covered up with medication have been cleared out, like abuse, drug addiction, and I have experienced healing from jaw pain from being beaten up by an ex-partner”


“It gives me a lot of hope and strength as someone who has suffered from chronic stress, anxiety and clinical depression. It is giving me encouragement to walk in the ministry that God has given me and to operate in agape love for other people. Out of all the years of psychological and physical abuse from childhood I’ve come to a place of freedom. I love to see how God is touching people’s lives”

Please contact us (whether you have faith or not) if you would like prayer for a physical, mental, or spiritual issue. We meet in a quiet but public place (currently a hotel lounge), we are part of Healing Rooms England and Wales, there is appropriate safeguarding, we encourage people to seek medical help. You can call me on 0797 228 1077 to book an appointment, or email
You might even get a free cup of coffee



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