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Viewpoint from Dr David Watson 06/09/2019

Retired GP
Authorised Worship Assistant, St Andrew’s Church


as published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury


Reflections in time
The older I am the more I reflect on the years gone by and inevitability of the relatively few ahead. My generation has been one of the most blessed in this country’s history and for my part great education including free university training presented me with the best career I could have had as a GP
dove leftI have also worked in the field of remote care in occupational medicine and in that capacity have travelled to a significant number of third world countries, where the contrasts in housing, food availability, clothing, health, and abject poverty demonstrate how incredibly fortunate we are
In recent years the world and its wonders have entered our homes through TV natural history programmes, narrated most beautifully by David Attenborough (atheist) and Prof Brian Cox  (humanist) . “The awesome vastness of time and space is laid out in its full, jaw dropping incomprehensibility by Prof Brian Cox”  
I marvel and the changes in and advances in technology and the tremendous improvements in medical science and technology, furthermore as someone who studied biochemistry, anatomy, and physiology I never cease to marvel at the complexity of the human body
While we may be taken to the vastness of the universe, powerful microscopes can take us to inconceivable minute marvels. A discovery is exactly that – it was there already and an invention was merely putting together various components to provide a new function
Dove rightWhen I was a boy it was normal to believe in God and in the world as a whole that is normal for humanity but in our society, currently that is the belief of the minority
The Bible says of us “eyes they have and they see not, ears and they hear not”.  When the rulers of Jesus’ day tried to silence the people acclaiming Him, He said even the stones would cry out. Creation is crying out – Creator
Yes so much has changed in our time and so much has evolved over the thousands of years before but how can we dismiss such wonders to a big bang – even Hawking (atheist) questioned where that came from! There is a great and wondrous designer/creator of all who made us
Well then my generation. We have fewer years ahead, and we shall be meeting our maker to whom we owe reverential love and thanksgiving. Are we prepared? Need to know the way? Read the Viewpoint column on Network Yarmouth  



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Derek Mill 07/09/2019 06:21
From the largest to the smallest, what an awesome Creator God there is.
Peter Gray-Read (Guest) 09/09/2019 08:39
There is so much evidence for the Bible view of creation:
Agree with views whole heartedly... Masters in Molecular Biology
See Creation Ministries International website for answes to Prof Brian Cox