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Viewpoint from Pete Gillett 17/05/2019

Dove rightPete Gillett
East Gate Ministries at Thrigby Windmill


He is Risen on Scratby Beach

I recently led an Easter sunrise service on Scratby beach attended by 30 other friends from the church.  As the sun came up over the clear horizon, I blew on my ram’s horn shofar to welcome the sunrise and to celebrate the fact that on the first Easter Sunday Jesus arose from the dead as the prophets of old said He would

What an amazing time. As the strong sun arose above the clear horizon it seemed God had planned the scene for us. “He has risen” we all sang heartily.  I shared something of the miracle of the Easter story and then offered to wash the feet of those in attendance.  Nine folk bravely volunteered, some confessing they’d never experienced anything like it. The sense of fellowship and purpose was wonderful. Jesus spent a lot of his earthly time teaching on the beach

dove leftWe were enacting an aspect of the last supper when Jesus purposed to wash his disciples’ feet as a farewell act before going to the cross. For Peter it didn’t compute that the master should wash his feet until Jesus explained that it was spiritually necessary for him if he was to truly follow Jesus in discipling the world.   Peter relented and welcomed the act of love which Jesus needed to do for all twelve of his followers before his terrible and frightening journey to the cross
Scripture tells us he humbled himself, even to death on the cross

Maybe today we need to be reminded that we should take up our own cross daily and in humility do what Jesus would do if he were here today. Who can I impact with the Love of Jesus today? Whose feet can I wash today knowing that the Christ in me the hope of glory, may bless them through my actions?

Throughout the three years of his public ministry Jesus taught us many things and each time he demonstrated an aspect of Kingdom living it became for all believers a way of future encounters with him in person
The Holy Spirit is God with us now and He will become for each of us the enactor of our faith steps.  Our faith is the connector to encounters with Jesus who is alive today.  Why not put your trust in Jesus? Man may let you down but the love of God expressed through Jesus will never fail you

He is risen, death has been defeated. Hallelujah

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Tracey Goffe (Guest) 20/05/2019 09:23
What a wonderful message about the culmination of Passover. Bless you Pete
Derek Mill 21/05/2019 13:40
Thanks for this Pete. Amen