Gorleston Gal’s Community News February 2019 

GORLESTON GAL8th February 2019
Gorleston Gal, Melanie Ruse reports
as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine

One of the things I love is you never know what you will stumble on next. I took Emma and Betsy Bubbles to the Doggie Diner on Sunday 06/01/19 ready for my deadline. In walked a whole roomful of Cockapoos! I just had to include some pictures. Gorleston-on-Sea Life is a Facebook page which popped up at Christmas. I caught up with Chris and Jaime Speed at New Year and had a chat which is featured in this month’s magazine. If you have anything new or a group that needs volunteers or publicity for an event, phone 07714763521 or email:


Cockapoodles Do! (love Gorleston)

GORLESTON GAL 02-2019AGORLESTON GAL 02-2019BHave you heard of nominative determinism? It’s one of those things that amuses me. My friend is a swimmer called Helen DOLPHIN, Chris SPEED works for First Buses, Gardeners Allan TitchMARSH, Pippa GREENWOOD and Bob FLOWERDEW all have something plant related in their name. So having Sue HEELES as the organiser of a dog walk did make me smile
On Sunday 30+ cockapoos and other dogs enjoyed a walk on the beach with around 40 people. The Cockapoo owners club meets for regular walks, and Gorleston is a favourite venue. The Doggy Diner provides a free buffet and drinks for £1 for people with groups of 10+ dogs. You need to book 24 hours ahead. Here are just a few of the beauties I met. There are an amazing range of shapes sizes and colours, but all seem to have the lovely temperament that makes them so popular

Andre Rieu at the Palace Cinema

GORLESTON GAL 02-2019CAndre Rieu of the immense musical talent and highly questionable hairstyle is someone I never really thought of seeing. When a friend suggested we went, I thought “try anything once”’. I am a convert. Music from classical (Fortuna, Hallelujah Chorus), waltzes, Christmas songs, and salsa were a non-stop 2 hour extravaganza. The events are often screened in the smaller screens but Andre Rieu is now a full house in the larger downstairs room. Another concert is due at the end of July. In the meantime, please support the plays and operas that are coming up. The immaculate sound system and comfy seating mean it’s crazy to leave Gorleston to see things elsewhere

photo left: 
Cinema MD Patrick Duffy on opening night with Margaret, Countess Attlee


Ellie’s Poor Paw!

GORLESTON GAL 02-2019DVine fruits are dangerous to dogs, unfortunately THEY don’t know that. I met Ellie and her owner Helen and heard a cautionary story. Helen had been shopping and she quickly popped her freezer goods away while she was moving things into the kitchen out of Ellie’s reach. Noticing that Ellie wasn’t underfoot – she was horrified to find Ellie in the one bag of shopping she had yet to move. Ellie had nosed open the bag, broken into a box of mince pies and was attempting to wolf pie number 2 when Helen caught her. Luckily she knew about the toxicity and got her straight to the vets
A drip and £400 later, Helen is pleased to report Ellie is fully recovered. They are like toddlers – you can’t take your eyes off them for a minute!