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Viewpoint from Dave Weeks 15/02/2019

david weeks 2014Dave Weeks
Pastor of Hope Church (retired)


as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


Lost and found

A while ago I was in a shopping mall in London when a young woman suddenly screamed out my name, came running towards me, threw her arms around me and said how great it was to see me again! I was somewhat taken aback by this as it’s not every day young women throw themselves at me, especially when I had no idea who she was!

“You don’t remember me, do you?” she said

dove leftShe went on to explain that some time before she had been a resident in a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre for women on the south coast. Most of the women there had turned to prostitution and crime to feed their habits and many had been abused throughout their lives. Consequently they had lived terrible broken lives. This lady had been no exception

For a period of time some of us had been visiting this home talking to the women about Jesus and how He loved them and wanted to set them free and give them a new life. We would also pray for them

Dove rightThis woman continued by saying that, as a result, she had given her life to Jesus, that He had come into her life, cleansed her, delivered her from her addictions, and healed her broken heart. Not only that, she was now married to a lovely caring Christian man and they had had their first child. She had changed so much I hadn’t recognised her! Following up behind her was her mum pushing a pushchair with her new grandchild inside! It was a great moment

Jesus said “I have come to seek and to save the lost”. This young lady was lost once, but can now say she is found. She has found new life not only in this world but also in the one to come

Your story might not be anything like this one, but the truth is still the same whatever our lives are like. Jesus loves us and wants to bless us. He wants to give us new life now and to secure our future in eternity with Him. Call out to Him, He is waiting for you

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