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Viewpoint from Pete Gillett 30/11/2018

Dove rightPete Gillett
East Gate Ministries at Thrigby Windmill


The Return of a Wayward Son

One of the world’s greatest teachers spoke about a wealthy father whose son wanted to see life and travel. Having let the son go with half the value of the family business, the father grieved for his boy and waited years for his return. Before phones and Facebook news travelled slowly and for a loving parent no news was bad news. Yet every day the old man looked up and down the road hoping and praying that his beloved son might appear
Sadly the son squandered his wealth on wine, drugs and women and eventually found himself friendless and penniless
Having laboured in another farmer’s fields, starving and with no hope he started looking at his options. He decided that his father’s house was a good bet but there was no way he could return to the old relationships. His decision made, he set out for home.  Full of shame and self-doubt he neared the farm. He would humble himself and ask his father’s forgiveness
As the farm came into view, a tiny figure began rushing along the road towards him waving his arms. Whatever was the matter?
dove leftAs the figure ran, his arms waving and his cloak flying in the slipstream, the boy recognised his dad. Then he heard his dad yelling at him ”My son, my son, he’s come home”.   The boy began running towards him shaking like a leaf, his dad looked so old now and emotion welled up inside him. Breathlessly the old man now weakened by the years reached out for his son, grabbed him with both arms, and gave him the hug of his life. They hugged and kissed and wept together
As the boy regained some sort of dignity he began his speech. “Father I’m so sorry I have wronged you badly and am no longer worthy to be called your son. Would you allow me to stay here and work as a labourer and have a decent meal each day? I'm starving” 
The father grinned but would have none of it.  As they got back to the farm he yelled out “My son has returned home. My hopes and prayers have been answered and my life is no longer full of sorrow. I want the best clothes for him and a decent pair of shoes on his feet. Go kill that prize calf we were rearing and get all his old friends here for we are going to celebrate. My son is back from the dead”
This Christmas why not send out cards with a hope of reuniting old friends and family? It’s called reconciliation! May God bless you and may you bless others in this festive season


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