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Viewpoint from Revd Sue Upton 16/11/2018

Assistant Minister, St Nicholas Church, Bradwell

as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


The treats of autumn

We have just come back from a cold, but bracing walk alongside Breydon Water. The geese were quite noisy the other side of the river, the trees were gently losing their leaves, and the rainbow reaching down to Caister Water Tower was spectacular. It was all very autumnal

dove leftBut now, as I write it is quite late in the afternoon, and already quite dark. Time to close the curtains and shut out the cold and gloom. I quite enjoy the thought of lighting a fire and spending an evening reading or watching the TV with a warm glow and occasional crackle of the wood burning beside me. We may even roast a chestnut or two gathered on another walk – there are loads about this year. What a treat!

Yes I quite enjoy the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping somewhat – though not too far I hope!  

But for many this is not such an enjoyable time. There are worries about heating bills, and of course for some there is the worry of not having anywhere to live and therefore how to keep warm in the icy temperatures outside. And for many folk living on their own, closing those curtains shuts out any thought that someone might call round just for a chat, and should the doorbell ring the worry of whether to open it or not

Dove rightJesus told His followers to love their neighbours as themselves. So it is worth us wondering about those autumnal treats that we enjoy so much and asking ourselves how we could share those with those who have only worries as the temperature falls and the darkness increases

Do we have a spare warm coat or extra jumper that could go to ‘The Living Room’ for their visitors? Could we invite an elderly neighbour round for a cup of tea and a piece of cake that would save their heating bill just for an hour or so and would give them some much needed company? Do we have a spare hour that we could go and visit someone that we know is on their own, and is maybe only just getting used to being on their own as these days shorten?

What is it that you enjoy that can be shared with those who have only worries about the increasing darkness?


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