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Viewpoint from Colin Wooden 26/10/2018

Colin Wood BethelColin Wooden
Elder, Bethel Gospel Hall
volunteer at the Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre


as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


A Fitting Memorial

Built in 1817 as a memorial to Admiral Lord Nelson and his naval exploits for this country, the Norfolk Column, or Nelson's Monument as it is commonly known, stands resplendent after being restored in 2005, on the South Denes at Yarmouth. In the early 1800s the South Denes was just a narrow sand strip between the river and the sea with a small military base near the river mouth. The ‘Yarmouth Roads’ between the beach and Scroby sandbank, provided a safe and convenient haven for assembling naval task forces. On each side at the base and top of the column can be seen the names of Nelson's four major campaigns and the ships he commanded
dove leftThe scene of his greatest triumph also became the place of his ultimate tragedy. At the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 aged just 47, on the quarter deck of his ship H.M.S. Victory he stopped a sniper’s bullet and died
With Trafalgar Day still fresh in the mind, I thought about another scene of tragedy and triumph. When we think of the last hours of the Lord Jesus, we think of the tragedy of his arrest and the terror of that moment, and the gross injustice of his false trial; the horror of the abuse and torture He suffered; the tragedy of his crucifixion, the loneliness and the darkness
But the Scripture records for us "He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was upon him", and, "He bore our sins in His body on the tree". This place of tragedy though, had become the place of His greatest triumph. "By death He destroyed him who holds the power of death"
Dove rightPaul writes, "We believe that Jesus died and rose again"; and in another place" We see Jesus...crowned with glory and honour because he suffered death". His greatest memorial; not a stone tower, but an empty tomb
The inscription on the globe beneath Britannia's feet at the head of the column reads OVI . MERVIT . FERAT . PALMAM ("He who merits it takes the palm").  About Jesus the Scripture states, He "became obedient to death, even death on a cross. Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place". There could be no greater ‘palm’ than that! The Saviour's victory has secured the future for all who trust Him as Saviour


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