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Viewpoint from Derek Gidney 13/07/2018

Dove rightDerek Gidney
Leader, Green Pastures Christian Fellowship


as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


What’s the time?

From an early age we are taught to tell the time, from then on time governs our lives.  Get up it's breakfast time, wash your hands it's dinner time, clean your teeth it's bed time, I'm sure those will ring a bell with many of you.  Then; I have to rush, it’s time for school or work, I don't have time I'll miss my bus or train or meeting, and so it goes on throughout life. We are constantly being hounded by time, as we get older time seems to accelerate and fly past us and it seems we have no time for anything. Then comes the time that we realise age has overtaken us and we may not have much time left, what then?
dove leftTime for us will run out, but the good news is that is not the end.  When time for us is done, we step over into eternity, which has no end, the real question is then, where will we spend eternity?  The Bible is clear on this, if we have a personal relationship with Jesus we will spend eternity with God, if we don’t we will be separated from Him forever.  Jesus made it very clear in the book of John chapter 3, He said that unless one is born again they cannot enter the Kingdom of God, as God is Love, Light and everything that is good, then to be separated from him for eternity means there will be none of those things and it will be a very dark lonely existence, what is described as hell!!
Jesus promised that He would come back and take those that know Him to be with Him, He also told of signs to look out for to let us know when that time was getting close, from all that I read and see we are almost there.  If Jesus came back today where would you stand?  If you will ask Jesus into your life you can be sure that you will have an eternity that you can look forward to, until you finally do run out of time


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