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Greetings from Helen Budd

as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life June 2018


HELEN BUDD26th May 2018
Helen Budd
I am very much looking forward to coming to live and work in Great Yarmouth. I’ve been living at Cuddesdon, near Oxford, for the last two years, studying at college for the academic part of my training. Before that I lived in South Norfolk, which is where I grew up, and have lived for most of my life
Before I started training I was raising a family, I am married to Bob and we have four children. Alongside that I did a lot of work with NCT, a charity which works with new parents
In my spare time, I enjoy making music; I’ve been playing and singing in bands and choirs whilst at college, which has been lovely. I also enjoy crafts; I usually have some knitting on the go. At the moment, though, I am busy making my Ordination stole. As a family we are big board game fans, mostly the newer style games, but I’m still a big scrabble fan
Please pray for me and the family as we get ready for the move and Ordination, as we are praying for you. I look forward to meeting you all, and getting to know you and the town