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Viewpoint from Rev Helen Garrard 25/05/2018

HELEN GARRARDRev Helen Garrard
South Walsham


as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


Creation sings….

I was driving home from work recently. It was early evening and very warm. Two of our daughters were with me in the car, one travelling home from school, one from work. We were hot and tired at the end of the day and the usual silly squabbles broke out. Their voices were getting higher and higher pitched as some injustice was expressed and challenged. Then I turned off the main road into our village. The voices raised in argument suddenly fell silent for a moment and then the car was filled with the sound that only two girls and their mum can make as we beheld a mother and father mallard with fifteen ducklings gliding effortlessly and peacefully across our village pond
dove leftWe stopped the car and gazed in wonder and delight at this sign of spring. It was a moment of beauty in contrast to the relative madness of our journey until then
This experience made me think. Here are my thoughts…
It’s so important to take moments to stop and be still. This world is full of beauty right now. Even the humblest verge or plant pot will be a riot of growth and colour. What’s more, it will be different tomorrow. So, take time today to pause and give thanks. Centre yourself and let nature’s beauty calm your soul
Those ducks are a reminder of God’s love, especially in these final days of Easter. It’s a special time for Christians, as Jesus ascends to heaven and we await the sending of his Holy Spirit
Dove rightAs Jesus faced the end of his life, we read in Luke’s gospel his lament over Jerusalem: “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings”.  It’s a beautiful image of Jesus’ love and care for us all
Very soon, those ducklings will no longer bob along behind their parents. They will have big strong wings, able to fly and move on. They will look for new ponds and homes of their own. In that flight, they will remind us of another great image of God’s love - the Holy Spirit, sent to the church at Pentecost and appearing as a dove at Jesus’ baptism
Spring and early summer for me are the most beautiful times of the year, when creation sings with God’s love and our hearts are lifted to respond with thanks for all we have been given


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