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Viewpoint from Glenys Bright 09/03/2018

Dove rightGlenys Bright
Cliff Park Community Church


as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


Change can be scary but the world does not stand still and if we are to thrive we must find a way to cope with change and flourish
Prayer is always a good place to start when looking for answers but sometimes it can be hard to see what to do. If you open your heart to God, you may find that help may come when you least expect it
Last February, we finally got our car back from repairs and wanted to give it a drive out to test the repairs. We chose to drive to Bury St Edmunds about 50 miles from home; long enough to see how the car was working We had no great hopes of anything else from the trip and, after driving there without problems, we booked into a hotel which happened to be near the cathedral
dove leftIn the afternoon, we walked through the graveyard in glorious sunshine.  As we walked, I was struck by how the graveyard was used by families as a shortcut .Gravestones held no fear for the children. All around there was life and laughter as they walked along the paths
The snowdrops coming into bloom brought with them hope. No matter how cold or dark the winter, spring will come it always does
The changing seasons need not be feared but respected for, without the dark nights, we would not have the joy of warmer days to look forward to
Once inside the cathedral, I was amazed at how the old buildings had been brought into the 21st century
The improved entrances were enhanced making the building truly accessible for all .Where they needed to build they had done it sympathetically. So the overall effect was one of unity. Not out with the old in with the new but instead the old and the new working together so closely it was it was hard to tell what was old and what was new
The stained glass windows, so often cold and dark in old churches, were clean and bright. The sunshine flooded in casting a myriad of colours on the walls
So many times in life we face change with fear and uncertainty. Having to make decisions causes us no end of stress
We can often only see things in black and white. But does the answer to your question really and have just 2 possible answers, yes or no?
Let go of your fears and let the sunshine in. See the world in colour again as God meant us to see it.  Perhaps, when you look at the problem in colour instead of black and white, you will find many possible answers  
He promises that His light can be a greater force than the darkness in our lives and society


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