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Viewpoint from Glenys Bright 19/01/2018

Glenys Bright
Cliff Park Community Church

as publsihed in the Yarmouth Mercury


Dove rightI remember when I travelled by train on my own from Great Yarmouth to Southend changing trains 3 times. I am not at my best when travelling alone and was nervous of what the day would bring. A bit unsteady on my feet at the time, I took my fold up walking stick with me just in case

As I went to get on the first train at Yarmouth I saw to my horror that the gap between the train and platform was huge. My heart sank for a moment as I wondered how I might bridge the chasm that was between me and the train. Then I heard the words of a worship song come into my mind:

“Wide and Long and High and Deep is the love of Jesus“
I smiled to myself and using my walking stick more or less pole vaulted onto the train. I knew I wasn’t on my own that day and any trials I would not face alone
For many of us the gap between us and God is huge. The chasm between us too wide for us to bridge alone. Some of us feel that we are too deep in the gutter for us to be able to reach out to God
 dove leftWe may even feel that because of something we have done in the past or are doing that we are beyond God’s love

Anyone who has ever owed any money will know the relief felt when the debt is paid. Imagine being debt free.  All the wrongdoings and harsh words forgiven

Sounds too good to believe I know but the amazing truth is that Jesus came to us to free us from the weight of sin that we carry. He laid down His life to bridge the gap between man and God. There is no chasm that cannot be filled with His love . His arms can reach deep into the gutter and pull you back out from the darkest place

When you take Jesus into your heart from that moment on you are never alone. Bad things may still happen, but you won’t be on your own with your problems. His love will never leave you 


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Donna (Guest) 19/01/2018 14:49
Good one Glenys. Yes - it is amazing to realise his love is bigger than anything we face/ Thank you x