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Viewpoint from Rev Susan Carne 22/12/2017 

Project Coordinator, Norfolk Community Chaplaincy

as publsihed in the Yarmouth Mercury


I took up my post in April 2016, for ten hours a week funded by the Allen Lane Foundation for ten hours a week. My remit was to recruit, train and manage a team of Volunteer Mentors who would offer vital support to prisoners and ex-offenders who were serious about wanting to turn their lives around
In February 2017, we were grateful to have our work recognised and supported further by Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green, thus enabling us to help those keen to make a fresh start by changing their attitudes and behaviour which previously led to criminality                                                 photo: Susan Carne with Lorne Green
dove leftA team of 14 volunteer mentors has been working with offenders in prisons including Norwich and Wayland to offer support and guidance for life beyond the prison gates
The scheme – the first of its kind in Norfolk - has received more than £20,000 over the next two years from the PCC
“What the team of dedicated mentors is offering these men is a second chance in life” said Lorne
“There are four important factors which can help prevent reoffending; having a family waiting, having gainful employment, having accommodation and getting help with problems such as mental health issues or substance abuse”
Dove right“One of these however is worth more than all the others and that is family, not necessarily in the traditional sense but caring for others which is what the team of enthusiastic, selfless mentors do” 
Community Chaplaincies work alongside prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. They are multi-faith and work with offenders of all faiths and none
Dozens of referrals have so far been made to the Norfolk team who are also planning to work with female offenders at Peterborough Prison whose future may lie in Norfolk
 “The resilience I am seeing in our mentors is amazing. There is a real buzz, a real willingness in Norfolk to help people”
SUSAN CARNEThe main aim of the scheme is to offer offenders the support and motivation they need to stop them reoffending once released from prison and to lead a more fulfilling lifestyle within their local communities
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the scheme, or would like me to come and talk to your group or church about our work please contact Rev Susan Carne on 07465 428456 or email us at
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