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Viewpoint from Rev Marilyn Zipfel 01/12/2017 

MARILYN ZIPFELRevd Marilyn Zipfel 
Associate Priest, St Mark's and St Luke's, Oulton Broad
Trust Chaplain, James Paget University Hospital

as publsihed in the Yarmouth Mercury


Loss of a Child


When I first became Lead Chaplain at James Paget University Hospital, I became particularly aware of the heartache felt by those who had lost a child; no matter what the gestation/age or how long ago. Many parents although they learn to cope, never really get over losing their little one and no matter how many other children they may have, they do not forget the child that might have been
dove leftFor some parents to see their child’s name in a Memorial Book or engraved on a coffin brings comfort, affirmation and reassurance. That’s why we take great care in the preparation of funeral services especially being mindful of the need to speak out the little one’s name
Parents have told me that at first each day seems to bring its own painful memories but after a time its anniversaries and special days that are the most difficult. Christmas is one of those times when heartache and sorrow is often contrasted and heightened by the joyful expectation of the festive season!
We in the Chaplaincy have found that a special service at the beginning of December, the STARLIGHT service, can help families to remember their little ones in a very gentle way
Dove rightSo you are all warmly invited to attend this year’s STARLIGHT service on Sunday 3rd December at 3pm in the Chapel at James Paget University Hospital
The words below set to the tune of ‘Morning Has Broken’, have helped many on their bereavement journey and I pray they might help you, no matter for whom you are grieving:


Fleetingly known, yet ever remembered,
Those are our children now and always;
Those whom we see not — we will forget not,
Morning and evening all of our days
Lives that touched our lives, tenderly, briefly,
Now in the one light, living always;
Names in our hearts now, safe from all harm now,        
We will remember all of our days
As we recall them, silently name them,
Open our hearts, Lord, now and always:
Grant to us, grieving, love for the living;
Strength for each other, all of our days  


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