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Viewpoint from Rev Peter Paine 14/07/2017 

PETER AND SHIP for webRev Peter Paine
Port Chaplain

as published in the Yarmouth Mercury


Who is my Neighbour?

I work for one of the largest Maritime Christian organisations, which provides help and support to 1.5 million seafarers across the world. The Mission to Seafarers works in 200 ports in 50 countries caring for seafarers of all ranks, nationalities, and beliefs. We provide justice and welfare services, communications, transport, care, and support for the families of seafarers
Luke 10: 25 - 37 is the well-known story of The Good Samaritan, where a complete stranger looks after the injured man. In the same way the work we carry on in Great Yarmouth is just the same. We provide all the services mentioned above, like the time over Christmas 2016 where the people of the Borough came together to help a crew who had been forgotten by their owners. With the goodwill of the people, many things just came together and the end result was that the crew had a wonderful Christmas miles away from families, all the crew were paid their wages and given a ticket to fly home. Who was their neighbour?
dove leftLikewise we have seen people come together in Manchester and London to rally round and “help” others. Many people who were neighbours to people they did not know
Sea Sunday is when the churches have the chance to say “Thank You” to the very many seafarers who travel around the world to bring us the various goods, clothes, food, and Christmas gifts that we all enjoy. They sail the seas in all weathers and storms, they encounter pirates and loss of wages, vessels laid up through lack of work, and bigger container vessels and smaller crews
The Mission to Seafarers and the Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre are vital links for them all. We are there for them so far away from home. Today, please take a moment to think of your neighbour near or far, workmate or colleague in the office
You may wish to help the seafarers here in Great Yarmouth, by volunteering at the Seafarers Centre. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer can call into the centre to have a chat with current volunteers or you may wish to ring my mobile to arrange an informal chat.  Maybe have a look at our website too:

Have a wonderful week and God Bless you
Revd Peter Paine - Port Chaplain
Mobile: 07788111823


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