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Viewpoint from Revd Marilyn Zipfel 25/11/2016 

MARILYN ZIPFELRevd Marilyn Zipfel
Associate Priest
St Mark’s Church, Oulton Broad
and retired Lead Chaplain, JPUH
also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!’ (Mark 4.41)

I think it must have been autumn when Jesus and his friends set sail on Lake Galilee

dove leftHere, in East Anglia, even in the most beautiful of gardens leaves fall to herald a change. The weather becomes more unpredictable and it’s definitely colder ... but, I believe whatever the season God is with us
We are all affected by the environment in which we live - our mood, clothes, and our activities can change according to the season

When we reach the autumn of our lives we expect things to be more difficult! We have more aches and pains, things take us longer and life is harder

During autumn there is a transformation of our natural surroundings; changes which can be beautiful, vibrant, or slightly sad. A chapter is closing. Time is passing as autumn announces dark nights, changes in temperature and amazing colours

Dove rightAt this time our thoughts and emotions may be stirred and we can be acutely aware of the loss of someone we love and miss terribly. It’s fascinating that such a rich season can herald such distinct and poignant emotions

Autumn with its vibrant leaves coloured scarlet, custard, saffron, burnt orange, and amber seem to radiate a softer light than do any summer beams

Autumn can be a time of abundance and harvest. There is a certain beauty even in withered, weathered, scarred and earthy produce!

Autumn calls us to recall our own fragility and cherish its beauty

Autumn can also be a time of new beginnings. The changing colour of autumn leaves enables trees to save their energy. Spiritually, autumn is a season with an ongoing invitation to change. Green shoots are on their way ... ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ ... and hidden from all except God who sees all

Jesus promises that if we ask – we will receive ... so if we invite Jesus into our boat he will calm our wildest fears

Even in deepest grief ... with God’s help and His ministering spirit ... tears can soften pain and memories gently enable us recall calming images of how it was!
As Jesus comforts and strengthens us - his supernatural light will shine through our tears and create for us a rainbow of promises