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 Viewpoint from Roger Hill 11/11/2016

 ROGERRoger Hill
Member of Seventh-day Adventist Churchnow living in Weston Super Mare

also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury

The love of God

1 Peter 1 v 20, Hebrews 9 v 26 God formed a plan of salvation even before he created the earth. With total foreknowledge He made a way of escape for us. When did Jesus know that He would come to suffer and die a cruel death on our behalf? I think the answer to that question is that He has always known
dove leftHave you ever had to undergo a serious operation? What was it like waiting? As the appointed day drew closer did it get easier or worse? Imagine how Jesus felt down through the centuries of eternity knowing His destiny was to leave the glories of Heaven, the adoration of the angels, the love of His Father to save sin sick man
Our finite minds cannot begin to comprehend the concept of this immense sacrifice. He was vilified by the religious leaders of the day who, continually tried to trap him by his words so that they could have Him put to death. He was a threat to their power base and way of life. They saw Him perform many miracles, including the resurrection of Lazarus, whose body was partly decomposed. Yet they refused to accept Him as the Messiah because they wanted someone who would break the bondage of the Romans
During His ministry Jesus healed more than He preached. On the way to the last supper the disciples were arguing over who would be the greatest in the kingdom. On arrival their feet needed washing. None of them wanted to submit to this servile task. The king of the universe bowed His knee, took a towel and humbled Himself. He washed the feet of Judas knowing that he would betray Him for a paltry sum. He washed the feet of Peter knowing he would deny Him three times, swearing an oath to add weight to his denial. He washed the feet of the others knowing they would all desert Him in His hour of need. In the garden of Gethsemane His blood oozed from His pores as He contemplated His ordeal, while His disciples slept oblivious to the trauma He suffered
Dove rightLuke 22 verse 44 This bloody sweat is known medically as Haematidrosis a rare medical condition (see Wikipedia on the internet).    When the temple guards came to arrest Him Peter drew a sword and cut off one of the guard’s ears. Jesus replaced it and healed it. Would you oblige an enemy who sought your false arrest and cruel death? On the cross he had compassion for a thief next to Him and guided him towards salvation
Even in His death throes He showed concern by asking His disciple John to look after His mother Mary. When the Roman soldier thrust his spear into the side of Jesus blood and water came out. It has been suggested that this rare condition is brought about by the individual dying of a broken heart, if this were true, I for one would not be surprised. The cross for me is the symbol of the greatest love ever known to mankind