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Viewpoint from Derek Gidney 01/07/2016 

Dove rightDerek Gidney

Leader, Green Pastures Christian Fellowship
Do you believe in miracles?  Many people want, and say they need, a miracle in their lives to sort it out. They are desperate and don't know which way to turn and think that only a miracle can save them.  While this may well be true, they don't actually believe in the God of miracles or know Him personally as their Saviour and Lord and yet they would like to receive a miraculous answer to their needs.  None of us want someone meddling in our business without permission, we have free will and we can do as we choose, we don't need anyone telling us what to do! There's the problem, we want a miracle but we're not prepared to give God permission in our lives to come in and take over and perform it and He won't come in unless He's asked
In the bible it says, in Romans 8 verse 28; "We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose".  When we ask Jesus to be our Saviour, we give God permission to change us and our lives, and perform the miracles that are needed to achieve that
dove leftI have personally received many miracles since I became a Christian 28 years ago, the gift of salvation is in itself a miracle. When Jesus moved in to my life the first thing He did was to clean up my foul mouth, overnight He stopped me from swearing, until then I swore almost every other word (there are many that worked with me at the time that can testify to this), and He made me a much less angry and coarse person.  He made it possible for us to have children where previously it was not possible, also the time a trailer on the tractor I was driving came unhitched and the drawbar came into the cab but instead of crushing me it went beside me without harming me at all. There have been many more over the years but I don't have space to relate them here.  Yes, I truly do believe in miracles
If you really do need a miracle, ask Jesus to come into your life and be your Saviour and then see the miracles He can perform for you