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Viewpoint from Jan Tapp 20/11/2015 

Dove rightJan Tapp
Project Manager, TLC

One Penny

You might think what good to me or you is one penny?

I remember when I was a little girl you could by four sweeties with just one penny, and how yummy they were and how lovely to be able to share

Today if I entered a sweet shop with just one penny I would leave empty handed – except for the penny!  I am not aware of anything I can buy with just one penny today

But, never underestimate the power or value of just one penny. You see one penny can make a big difference.  A penny could make the difference between me eating and going hungry. I need the right amount of pennies to enable me to buy the items I need or want from a shop. If I am hungry and I go to the bakery shop and ask how much a loaf of bread is and am told it is £1.35 or 135 pennies, then I need 135 pennies and 134 will not do. Yes, just one penny can help me eat

dove leftA widow in the Bible gave a few pennies in the offering which to some might have seemed pointless, but to her it was an act of sacrifice – you see she gave all she had. It is easy to give money when you have lots but how easy do you find it to share when you have very little? Do you see it as pointless to give a few pennies when that is all you have to give? But, pennies add up to pounds and if no one gave a penny there would be no pounds

Do you feel just like ‘a penny’ some days? Do you feel of very little value or worth? Do you feel unable to make a big difference in the lives of your family, neighbourhood or community?

We are all ‘just a penny’ in God’s hand, called not to stand alone but to join with others to grow together in value. God calls us to bring our talents and skills together, and just like pennies we will add up to pounds. When we join together our gifts add up too. As one person you may feel like a penny not able to do very much. But, don’t underestimate your value or worth as you join with others watch and see….

We may have to be the first person to step out or the first to put our penny in the jar but, together we can achieve so much more.  It’s called synergy – the power of two working together being far more productive than two individuals working alone

Praise God that He created us not to be a ‘just a penny’ but to fellowship and serve with others!

Louise Lyle (Guest) 25/11/2015 17:41
I am so blessed and 'blown away' by ALL the different ways that you use 'your penny'. May our Good and Gracious God continue to use you and the team, and that you find more pennies!