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Viewpoint from Brian Robinson 13/11/2015 

Dove rightBrian Robinson
Trustee/Deacon, Park Baptist Church, Great Yarmouth

For me, homelessness is one of the most important issues facing society today. It should be a priority for us all to keep looking at new ways to help those people who are homeless and socially disadvantaged. I am constantly mindful that we need to reach out to people who are marginalised not only as a society but as individuals
It is sometimes hard to know how to help and as a worker returning home after a day’s work with maybe just a little money in your pocket you may be thinking what good can I possibly do? The answer is “ALL THE GOOD YOU CAN”
dove leftAs individuals, we cannot give shelter to everyone without a home and we cannot supply all the food that the hungry in our town need. Yet give our time or/and money if able to do so. With a smile we can offer to buy a meal for the person sitting on the pavement in front of us or make time just to chat with them for a short while
I pray that in our town the life of each person in difficulty will be changed even a little because one of us reaches out to them. Perhaps that one person could be you or me
Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord and He will repay him for his deed” Proverbs 19:17