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Refugees need nappies too

NAPPY 2 2015We’ve all seen and heard about the Syrian refugee crisis and the needs that exist within that situation.  My daughter had already started to organise clothes collections, etc in association with her church in Norwich, to send to the Syrian refugee camp directly via an organisation in Birmingham.  Having spoken to that organisation in the week, as they will be running a van down to them due to the volume of items given, it came about that what the organisation are in dire need of are disposable nappies, especially for the smaller children in the camp(s)
These will be an essential item in ensuring an environment where certain diseases/illnesses don’t take a hold through lack of proper sanitation. She passed that request on to me to share with my church and I’m now asking that others consider joining with us in this simple but potentially lifesaving gift
So how can you help? 
ü  If you are able to add a packet of nappies or two (brand names not essential!) onto your shopping this week or next then please would you consider doing so
ü  If you, on your own, cannot afford to then consider sharing the cost with others in a similar position and let two or three together bless someone else
ü  Share this with someone else who also might want to contribute
ü  Either continue to or this situation to your prayers and seek particular blessing on this aid
The van(s) will be going down in early October so there is a small window now available to get this done and added to the van
You can drop you gift at the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church on Northgate Street at the following times:

Wednesday 16th, 23rd and 30th September between 7.30 and 9pm

Thursday 17th, 24th September between 10.00am and 12noon

Saturday 19th, 26th September between 10.00am and 12noon

With God’s blessing

Phil King

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church