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VERONICA BALDWINViewpoint from Veronica Baldwin 17/07/2015 

Veronica Baldwin
Gorleston Baptist Church


The Man-God, the God-Man

dove leftHave you ever really thought about Jesus?

Why is it, 2,000 years after his death, he is still remembered?  After all, he was a nobody:   a carpenter's son.  That's all.  He wasn't a king, or a hero, or a politician: nothing to make him famous.  So why is he still so famous?  What is it about Jesus that makes people still believe in him and follow him to this day?

To answer this question you have to see what the Bible says.  It is all about Jesus, even the Old Testament.  “In the beginning God created...”.  God created, he created the entire universe and mankind.  He created man perfect, without sin, and without death in the world.  But he also gave them the gift of free will.  And when it came to the crunch, to choose either God's way or not, they choose not

Dove rightAnd so death entered into our world as a result of disobedience.  But God loves us so much that he would not abandon us.  The creator of the universe, God, became man.  He came in the form of a baby.  He became a Man-God, so perfect and so sinless that he, the great I Am, would pay the price for our disobedience and die on a cross for us

Jesus died the death of a criminal.  Yet he is the eternal God. That is why he rose again.  Because he is eternal, and death cannot hold him.  God became man to save us, to save you, and to save me.  He didn't have to, he chose to.

He also promises that whoever believes in him shall not die, but will have eternal life. He promises to save us, to be with us, to help us, to protect us, and to shield us.  One of the great mysteries of life is how God, through his Holy Spirit, enters into man and gives him a new life.   God's own life.     Born again.   But he does

As soon as we accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord we become the children of God.  Just think about that!  That is why so many people still believe in Jesus all these hundreds of years after his death on the cross.  That is why Jesus is so famous.  Because he is the God-man, the man-God.  He became flesh even though he is God.  For you