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Viewpoint from Rev Nigel Clements 10/07/2015 

Rev Nigel Clements
Minister, Martham Methodist Church

Dove rightThere’s a true story about an archaeologist who hired some Inca tribesmen to lead him to a site deep in the mountains. After they had been travelling for some time the tribesmen stopped and insisted they would go no further. The Archaeologist got impatient with them but no matter how much he cajoled them they would go no further. Then after a while and all of a sudden the tribesmen picked up the gear and set off once more. The bewildered Archaeologist asked his interpreter why they had stopped for no apparent reason and refused to move for so long a time. The reply came back, “We had been moving too fast and had to wait for our souls to catch up!” 

In today’s 24/7 world of non-stop activity do you feel that you have been moving too fast, do you say to yourself “ stop the merry-go-round I want to get off”?

dove leftWe’ve, sadly, lost the rhythm of life in our modern, technological society, with the demands it places on us to ‘keep going no matter what’

When Jesus, the Son of God, walked this world, we see him taking ‘time out’, resting from the rigours of his ministry on many occasions, and let’s face it, even God himself rested from His work of creating on the seventh day, so just maybe it’s time to let your soul catch up with you

We are approaching summer, a time when we usually think of holidays and resting from work. But surely the rhythm of work and rest is something that we should practice all the time. God created that rhythm of life that we see evident in the times and seasons and natural world, but its up to each of us to apply it and give the chance for our souls to catch up with us, and allow God to refresh us and revive us