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Viewpoint from Brett Crosson 22/05/2015 

Dove rightas published in the Yarmouth Mercury

Brett Crosson
Minister, Emmanuel Pentecostal Church

He's only a prayer away

The doctors scolded my wife: “You should have brought him to us sooner. Nothing we do now is working. Perhaps if we had seen him earlier…” Earlier? I always thought it was better late than never! But the hospital staff didn’t seem to think so
The medical world thrives when they are able to tackle health problems early. The earlier they can diagnose a problem the better. And we can all understand why
But when I experienced symptoms of the flu’ in the summer of ’97, I diagnosed myself, and self-medicated.  Not the wisest choice, I know. But I had suffered symptoms of the flu’ before and thought I could manage on my own. This time, however, things careened out of control. And before I knew what was happening, I was in a coma: dehydration led to kidney failure which in turn led to the failure of other internal organs. I was on life-support, undergoing dialysis, and so on. In short, I was dying
dove leftAt 26 years of age, I had a beautiful wife, and two gorgeous children. I had a lot to live for, but the specialists thought it was too late for me
After a few weeks, they asked my wife to consider switching off the life-support. They had done all they could, used the best of their doctors, and patiently attended to me around the clock – to no avail. Further help would be expensive and futile
But my dear wife, drawing from the strength of her faith in God, refused to give up. “We believe in a God who raises the dead!” she said
What an amazing statement of faith. This faith propelled her, along with friends and family and brothers and sisters in Christ to continue to pray and believe God for my total recovery. A few days later, I was out of a coma, and my kidneys and other organs were completely restored. It was a miracle!!
This experience has revolutionised the way I view life, and has made me realise that it is never too late. It is never too late to seek help, and it is never too late to turn your life around
There are many people out there who would go to great lengths to give you help and support. And even if they can’t because of human limitations, there is a God who is there. He’s only a prayer away