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Viewpoint from Rev Chris Tinker 01/05/2015 

chris tinkeras published in the Yarmouth Mercury

Rev Chris Tinker
Rector, St Nicholas' Church, Bradwell

Lost in a maze

Have you ever been lost in a maze? I got so frustrated recently that I tried to see if my satnav on my phone could pinpoint me and help me out. Unfortunately it wasn't that accurate! It would have been fantastic to have someone hovering above the maze able to give me instructions on where to go. Even better would have been to have had the designer of the maze on hand

dove leftSometimes life can feel the same, like we're lost in a maze, needing instructions, and though there are many books suggesting ways through the maze, they're only written by people lost in the maze themselves. Wouldn't it be great to have a book written by someone above the maze, perhaps even the designer of the maze?

Well, of course, that's what the Bible claims to be. Now, to some extent, this is a bit of a chicken and an egg statement, so what if the Bible claims to be from God, who can prove it? Well, of course, there is no ultimate proof (unless the author turns up on your doorstep!)

Dove rightBut there are ways to weigh up the evidence. For instance, asking how well does it work as a map through the maze? Does it describe the world as we experience it? Is it honest? Does it give the landmarks? Does it acknowledge suffering? Does it face death? Is evil given attention? Are our moral instincts reflected? Do we find our deepest longings addressed? And does it work practically? My experience is that the Bible is extremely honest, willing to deal with many subjects that we shy away from, and whilst not answering every question it gives enough to make sense of this world and have an idea of how to go on

The great thing is it doesn't stop there. The claim is that the designer of the maze came down into the maze himself. As you look at what Jesus did, what Jesus taught and how he treated people, you see someone who actually understands the maze we live in. And whilst his death may look like a great tragedy of someone really lost, Easter Day shows us someone who can even navigate death and emerge alive. It may be that you disagree, but at least it's got to be worth looking into? Some help in this maze would be great wouldn't it?