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Viewpoint from Janice Tapp 10/04/2015 

as published in the Yarmouth Mercury

Jan Tapp
Project Manager of TLC


Dove rightLife is Indeed a Puzzle!

I don’t know about you but I find jigsaw puzzles rather addictive. I think I’ll just put a couple of pieces in and several hours later I’m still going………

I think each of our lives is like a puzzle, a 1,000 pieces or more. God has the finished picture, and the plans to get there. He holds the box lid with the picture on. He knows what the finished article of each of our lives will look like. We have only a few pieces, some of which fit together and some we have to hold on to as today they don’t fit with the other bits we have. There is nothing we can do but wait, until the picture becomes clearer, until other bits are added. That’s just the way it is

All the people I know start a jigsaw by sorting out all the edge pieces and fitting them together, before starting on the middle. However, I have recently undertaken a very difficult puzzle with a completely white border. Despite hours of patience, and the help of friends there was no way I could get the edge complete. There was only one thing to do and that was to go outside the norm and build the jigsaw from the inside out.  Isn’t that like life too?  Sometimes we just can’t achieve the things we’d like to by doing things the way we’ve always done them, or the way others expect us to do them. We have to try something new to achieve our goal

dove leftSometimes a piece of puzzle looks like it fits perfectly in the wrong place – how annoying, as you then can’t get other bits to fit around it. You have to notice it’s the wrong piece in the wrong place and change it before progressing! Isn’t this like people – the wrong person or people in the wrong role, wrong relationships or just wrong place can impact and hinder the progress of their own lives and the lives of those around them? And very often it isn’t blatantly obvious who is in the wrong place, something just doesn’t seem right! But, oh what joy when a person moves to their right place and everything starts to move

And, like life, patience is needed – you can’t rush a jigsaw and you can’t rush God’s plan for your life. It has to be done step by step piece at a time, and sometimes we’re in the wrong place so we have to go back a step or two and try and again!  And in time one day we will all have a complete picture of our life story!