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Viewpoint from Michael Walker 27/03/2015 

Dove rightPastor Michael I. Walker
Seventh-day Adventist Minister of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft (retired) and a former prison chaplain at HMP Blundeston


Who’s the Greatest in Your Book?

When Harry S. Truman suddenly found himself being hurled into the presidency on 12 April 1945 by the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sam Rayburn, a prominent figure in the U.S. House of Representatives, took him aside for a bit of advice:  “From here on,” he said, “you’re going to have lots of people around you.  They’ll try to put up a wall around you and cut you off from any ideas but theirs.  They’ll tell you what a great man you are, Harry, but you and I both know you ain’t!”
Sound advice?  It depends on which way you look at it!  From his wealth of experience Rayburn no doubt intended it to be so
President Truman had only served a few weeks as Vice President of the United States.  During that time he scarcely saw Roosevelt.  He had received no briefing on the development of the atomic bomb, nor of the developing difficulties with the Soviets.  Then suddenly he was plunged into these and other wartime problems.  He did however turn out to be a great man
Whether holding American Presidency, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or any other leading role in society, men do not always turn out to be as great as they make themselves out to be!  During election campaigning, prospective leaders seek to portray themselves as fit and healthy, wise and caring, and you know the rest.  They try to convince us that they will be the great leaders we are looking for! Their test of greatness comes when they obtain the position they seek; but it is revealed at their weakest point! 
dove leftOur strongest point is at our weakest point!  Many do not always realise that or are afraid to admit it; but it is true. Many have looked upon ‘the meek and lowly Jesus' from a false perspective.  They see Him as weak because He turned the other cheek!  They reason that he didn’t have the guts to defend Himself.  That’s where they are mistaken.  He trained as a carpenter.  That required physical strength.  He also revealed strength of character that was unrivaled by anyone.  In His humility He revealed His true greatness.  He endured the pain and the shame of His passion.  They mocked and ridiculed Him as He hung on the cross, challenging Him: ‘If you are the Christ, then come down from the cross!  He saved others but He cannot save Himself!’  The amazing thing is that, unlike anyone else, He did have the power to come down from the cross but He had nerves of steel to endure it for our sakes.  That makes Jesus Christ the greatest in my book!