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Viewpoint from Ian Savory 12/12/2014 

Dove rightIan Savory
Kingsgate Community Church



Well it’s here! It’s a rush, rush, spend, spend Christmas time, but it’s a season that I love.  I love the business and generosity that seems so much closer to the surface at this time of the year.  Communities and families coming together, enjoying time with each, other and celebrating the family that they have

This year our Grandson who is now two (going on 40!) is so much more aware of something going on.  Having him join our family is an amazing gift and has brought so much wonder and laughter; we just love having him around! He seems to make us so much more complete

As a Christian, I celebrate the coming of Jesus into this world at Christmas. Given into the care of a teenage mum and a carpenter, I step back in amazement at such a gift.  Jesus is God’s gift to this broken world.  He is the one that saves and restores.  He knew and experienced the pain of a broken culture

dove leftWhy do I love Christmas as a Christian? Because it shouts loud and clear that God rolled up His sleeves and got stuck into our world, walked a different way at huge cost so that mankind has a choice of being God humanity
The Word (another name for Jesus) became flesh and moved onto the neighbourhood full of truth – truth that loves, enables, challenges and costs

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He’s not an offer in Poundland.  Following Him is not easy and it will cost you everything you have. But anything worth having doesn’t come cheap!   This baby, this Christ wants surrender and involvement in all areas of our lives and communities.  This is no cheap costless child, just take a look at what He did at the Cross and He calls all His followers to be world changes for the better

So celebrate the season.  Enjoy the fun.  Think of the Christ child, the thorns in the straw and coo at the tiny baby if you need to.  But this child, this Jesus is no pushover!  He has changed the world forever and He’s not finished yet!

Check Him out, because He’s checking us out!

Have a great Christmas