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Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre launches new website 

As work progresses on the new Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre, a new website has been launched to provide information about the centre and its services

The website is hosted by Network Yarmouth and can be found via the site ( or at
The Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre is an advice and social hub which will soon be available to the estimated 15,000 seafarers from across the world who visit the port of Great Yarmouth every year

Part of the Mission to Seafarers, the Seafarers Centre is run by port chaplain Rev Peter Paine and offers someone to talk to, a chance to call home and spiritual support

The new website provides the latest news about the centre, the services it will provide and the team behind it. It also contains information about Great Yarmouth, useful link and the latest news from the Mission to Seafarers

Peter PainePort Chaplain, Rev Peter Paine, said: “I am delighted with new website. And this will enable seafarers a better chance to communicate back home to their loved ones. The recent Hurricane to hit the Philippines is a good point in question.

We will be able to offer to the seafarers a much better service, from spiritual, mental and physical aspects. A place of comfort and safety, away from their normal working environments.   We are very pleased that we were able to have the designer Keith Morris to help us to help others to find all about the new centre”


 The Centre is undergoing work at present but will be up and running in the New Year. In order to help maintain the doors to be open we are looking for volunteers to help us do that and anyone interested should contact the Port Chaplain on 07788111823. Training will be given

The site was designed by Keith Morris, publisher of the popular 

Christian news website