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Norfolk parishioners support ebola crisis appeal  

Parishioners in Norfolk are supporting CAFOD and the Disasters Emergency Committee by praying for those affected and donating to the appeal, their gifts are providing life-saving hygiene kits, food for quarantined families and helping CAFOD partners spread the word about preventing the spread of the disease


CAFOD LOGO The World Health Organisation has reported that the number of people infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa has reached 10,000, with nearly 5,000 deaths


This is an unprecedented challenge, and a coordinated global effort is now underway; given the gravity of the situation the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) has launched an appeal and CAFOD are launching their emergency Ebola Crisis Appeal with them. Robust action now means that lives can be saved and action taken to halt the spread of this virus


The first line of defence is educating people about the virus and how to avoid catching it. CAFOD are working with their trusted Church and non-Church partners, who are already rolling out a prevention campaign for communities in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea


The impact of Ebola is wider than just health needs, food prices have sky-rocketed, and many in their communities cannot afford to buy food for their families. The Director of Caritas Kenema in Sierra Leone, Patrick Jamiru, said: “Every day we see a stream of people outside the Bishop’s house. They tell us that they don’t have food, they are unable to work, and the Church is now their last hope”


Stephen Matthews of CAFOD East Anglia said “we would like to offer parishioners, individually or collectively, a way that they can make a practical difference through the vital work of our partners in Sierra Leone and Liberia”


There are three Ways to donate: (1) With a CAFOD collection envelope, (2) Online, (3) By telephone: 0500 85 88 85 

reproduced from Network Norwich and Norfolk, and used with permission