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Viewpoint from Yvonne Hill for 26th September 2014 

Yvonne Hill
Member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Have you ever had a prayer answered that left you stunned and took your breath away?  This happened to us during our recent move to Weston-Super-Mare.
We had so many problems that we were constantly asking for help from our Lord. He never let us down doors were closed doors were opened and not only that he gave us wisdom and strength to overcome.
On the day of our move we were under terrific stress getting our possessions packed and loaded up.  We didn't get the confirmation that the move would take place until a few hours before we had to move. For some time it looked as though it would all fall through and our dream to live near our daughter in Bristol would not happen. We prayed every step of the way but we knew that it would have to be to the will of God's and not ours.  Then suddenly it all happened although, sadly, we didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye not only to personal friends and church members but many people and clergy from other denominations whom we had come to care about.
Finally we bundled into the car and proceeded onto the A12. I bought my husband a neDove rightw sat nav as I knew he would find it difficult to cope with the long drive. Suddenly we realised that it wasn't there and we panicked. Roger pulled the car over to the side of the road and we prayed. We went back to the house to see if we had left it there. But it wasn't there so we accepted the fact that it had been lost. I got out of the car and just ran my hand down the back of the seat and there it was!  Our prayer had been answered. So we drove onto the A12 again and we thought we were on our way.
Earlier that morning whilst the packers were packing our belongings, we popped out to buy a case for the sat nav and I gave Roger my card to make the purchase, so happily we drove back to the house.
On what we thought was our final attempt to head out to our destination, we realised that my bank card wasn’t where it usually is in my purse.  Roger searched his wallet and I searched my purse and handbag but it just couldn't be found. Once again we prayed about it. Immediately after our prayer, for some reason, Roger put his hand on the little shelf under the dashboard and there it was! It was so immediate to our prayer it left us breathless. All our money was in my account and we needed the card to pay for the hotel as we needed to stay there overnight as it was too late in the day to move into the new house.
Some may say that it was just a coincidence but we know it wasn't.  He saw our distress and he pointed out where the sat nav and bank card were.
What a wonderful Saviour we have, not only does he care about the little things in our lives but he died a terrible death for us because of our sins and he is the bridge and mediator in our lives and he is always there for us.   I couldn't get through life without that knowledge