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Viewpoint from Pastor Brett Crosson for 8th August 2014 

Viewpoint from Pastor Brett Crosson
Minister of the Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Gt Yarmouth
One of the greatest problems facing our community today is doubt and unbelief. For many, God does not exist, Jesus isn't real, the Bible can't be trusted, and Christians are all deluded. On the contrary, the political and education systems by and large promote Darwinism which, of necessity, must deny the existence of God and discredit the validity of the biblical account of creation. Christianity has thus been relegated to a small facet of the curriculum and mustn't be spoken of beyond those assigned parameters. Gone are the days of public prayers being offered in schools, and scriptures being openly read in public places. In consequence, doubt and unbelief have flooded every sector of our so-called "Christian nation".

According to the Scriptures, those terrible twins (doubt and unbelief) kept the nation of Israel wandering in the wilderness for forty long, long years. We are told that millions failed to receive their inheritance in the Promised Land because they doubted God's  power and plan, and disbelieved His promises.

Today, we have many who openly admit their disbelief in a Creator. And those who do believe in "something up there" struggle to believe in a Loving God who wants to be a personal part of their daily lives. Therefore many never really experience the love of God; they never have a conscious awareness of just how much He cares for them. They do not know about His death on the cross, to remove their guilt and shame and sin. They do not know of His resurrection from the dead, to give them new life in His Spirit. They have not experienced the joy and peace and purpose that He gives. And they are completely unaware of His imminent return. Christians have come to accept these things by faith and have discovered a quality of life sublime.Dove right

Yet knowing there are many who have rejected Christ and the life He offers, leaves many Christian believers in anguish. They have come to know that gaining this whole world cannot satisfy the soul, and it cannot save it either. For only through Christ can we find true life, and true peace. Jesus said: "I came that you may have life and life more abundantly."

It's true, doubt and unbelief can rob us of the best things in this life - knowing God and His amazing love, and experiencing new life. Doubt and unbelief cause us to live outside of the power of the resurrected Christ. Many I've met say that they cannot believe in a loving, living God because He never answered their prayers during a time of trial or desperate need. The crucial thing for such wounded ones to realise is that God does not answer prayers per se; instead, He responds to faith. For without faith it is impossible to please Him. Not only must people believe that He exists but also that He rewards those who diligently seek Him. Further, they have to trust that He means them no harm even when He is silent. Even earthly parents who dote upon their children do not grant every request made by their child. They know some things given will bring great harm. Sometimes God protects and blesses us by simply not answering our prayers. We have to trust Him nonetheless.

God's love and power is like a vast, unending river waiting to burst upon your life. His greatest desire for you, according to John, is that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Surely He has good plans for your future - plans to bless you and not to harm you.

Can this be true? Can God really turn my life around for the better? Some may argue that things are so bad that there is no way it could change for the good. But come to God believing ... trusting. Jesus said, "Only believe. All things are possible to him that believes."