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Viewpoint from Jan Tapp 09/05/2014 

Dove rightMind Over Matter?????

Jan Tapp – TLC Project Manager

Mind over matter – a phrase I have often heard said, but what does it mean? And why does it matter? It simply means be aware of what you’re thinking, and having a choice on what or where your thoughts are focussed
I have often wondered why two people in very similar scenarios have two very different perspectives. I have often wondered why one person sees the world in a half full type perspective whilst another views the world as though their glass is half empty with a hole in it
What you think influences your mood, your attitude to others and your gratitude or lack of. Your thoughts determine whether you enjoy this moment, this day or whether you don’t! And I believe it comes down to choice.  Aaaaah!  I’m not a fan of choice, it sends my head in a spin, and it can cause chaos in my mind as I consider this or that or the other. Having choice has not always been helpful for me in my life. Either I’ve made a ‘not so good choice’ or I’ve deliberated so long which ‘choice’ to make that the decisions have been made for me and often not in my favour!!!
Nonetheless choice is what we each have, and I believe we need to consciously choose what we think about any given scenario
dove left 
Let me try and explain more explicitly through experiences of another…
My very special friend Bill (not his real name) was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. For those of you who have no insight to this illness it is a muscle wasting disease which slowly robs its victims of use of limbs and then speech.   Did my friend Bill moan and complain of his lot? No! I saw him a few days before he died, and we laughed together remembering the old days, we had moments of deep thoughtfulness and we spoke of our (yes mine and his) future plans
He died a few days later, but remained until the end of his life a wonderful husband and father to his family, a fabulous friend and an amazing, inspiring Godly vicar who was able to show genuine concern for others and was still able to laugh
You see Bill had chosen to focus his mind on life, and not his debilitating illness. Bill had chosen to count his blessings rather than moan and complain or question ‘why me. He chose to focus his mind on what remained good in his decreasing world
You see it really is important what we think about in any given scenario because it not only impacts you; but also impacts the people around you – your family, friends and colleagues
It might take practise, it doesn’t come naturally to most of us but I recommend giving it a go. Each day count your blessings however small – the sunshine, your sight… try consciously thinking about the good in your life and see how the world becomes a better blessing, not only for you but, for those you share it with!