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Viewpoint from Rev Mandy Bishop for 7th March 2014

Rev Mandy Bishop
St Margaret's Church, Ormesby St Margaret

 From the Rectory, Mandy writes about Mothering Sunday.....

When I was a child I would watch my mother and grandmother knitting whilst watching TV, and more often than not reading a recipe at the same time.
I prefer to spend time in my garden...because unlike knitting, a TV documentary or a good book, gardening never ends. 
It’s a bit like being a Mother.
Mothering, like gardening  is sometimes, the hardest, the best, the most fulfilling, and potentially (if things go wrong) the most devastating job in the world.
And what is mothering?
- loving
- caring
- guiding
- waiting
Dove right

Who can mother us?
- mums
- aunts
- grandma’s
- godmothers
- friends
- dads?
- God?
Do they love? Care? Guide? Wait?
Yes, they do, they love us and care for us and guide us and wait for us, they “mother” us.
God wants us to care and love others as He loves and cares for us.  
He wants us to guide others to God.  
God mothers the grandmothers and mothers and all of us so we can mother those we love.
Jesus asked Mary to keep on mothering his disciples and so we are all asked to mother those we love.  To wait and care and love others. To talk kindly to each other and about each other.
Look around at your friends and family, can you see people who mother you with care and love and patient waiting; who can you see who mothers you?  
And who do you mother?
What a blessing Mothering Sunday is. 
Happy Mothering Sunday