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Viewpoint from Wendy Birchall for 7th February 2014

Wendy Bircham

Lay minister for St Andrews Church, Gorleston

Last Autumn on a late afternoons walk along Holkham Beach. I was stopped in my tracks by the awesome sight of Canada Geese migrating. My eyes looked upwards as the geese flew out from the high pine trees that fringe the coast towards Wells. Forming a V formation and making loud honking noises they flew out across the sea and almost out of sight.

Then out from the trees straggled a lone goose as if almost left behind. It seemed to be flying with all its might trying to catch the others up, but the gap between the V formation and the lone goose just seemed to get wider. Then almost down heartedly the lone goose   urned back and headed inland towards
 the pine trees.  

A few moments later a noisy honking filled the sky again. From out of the trees came three geese flying in another smal
Dove right
l V formation out to sea and out of sight.  

I'd like to hope the lone goose had met up with some other later migrants who had come to his aid and would support him on his long migration to warmer climates.  

Sometimes we too can feel like that lone goose in our Christian journey. Like left behind as others seem to be growing in the Christian faith and blessed more than we with spiritual gifts. Sometimes we face times of uncertainty and doubt that make us want to turn tail and run back to our familiar habits and routines.  Take heart if this is you. That during these times we need not struggle, feel down hearted and alone, for God in His loving mercy sees our struggles, our striving and will never leave us.  Hebrew 13:5 says" I will never leave you, nor will I forsake you". God is with us in our struggles, and what's more He is working through our struggles, if we let Him.

Remember God is a God of grace, and He just longs to make our deserts like Eden again. Why; well, because God is g
ood, and His mercy endures forever and His faithfulness is very, very great.  

Alternatively you may know someone who is struggling in their Christian faith. Then take a lesson from this story of the geese and come along side, support and encourage them through this time. Pray and ask God to show you what you could do to help.  Isaiah 31:3.