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Viewpoint from Rev Derrick Hill 04/10/2013

Derrick ProfileRev Derrick Hill
Park Baptist Church

I wonder if you’ve ever attempted amateur DIY in your home?

I’ve done a fair amount in my time – and although I’ve never had a DIY disaster fit for the TV shows, the results are perhaps best described as variable. It is amazing how quickly any imperfections, that I have tried to cover over, soon become apparent again. The idea of a sixty minute makeover sounds so appealing and looks great on completion but I do wonder if they really stand the test of time!

Dove right

So, after some years of DIY decorating and maintenance, I realised that my home needed more expert attention – and over the past few months it has been my privilege to welcome into my home various skilled tradesman and to observe both their workmanship and the quality of the end results. Perhaps the thing that stood out the most was the preparation that they have undertaken, ensuring that the basic structure was right, before they turned their attention to the those touches which will hopefully be visible and provide beauty for years to come, but which would have never been at their best if applied over faulty foundations

dove left

And then my thoughts turned to the times when our own lives, rather than just our homes, need a makeover – when we become aware that all in our lives is perhaps not as it should be. In this situation, the temptation too is to pursue a cheap DIY option – a resolution to change our approach to this or that perhaps – but so many of us find that attempting big changes on our own doesn’t deliver the desired results! We need expert help

And, as a Christian, I know that the best help in such situations comes from our Maker. He is the one who created us in the first place; He can identify the imperfections that have crept in; and, far from being angry with us, He is thrilled when we return to Him, acknowledging our shortcomings. Once we call upon Him, He offers to repair us right to the foundations and then restore us to full working order and beauty, just as He intended!

What is more, the Bible explains that this restoration is offered to us by our Maker as a free gift! Why not call on Him today?